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Re: Vanity plate maddness! Advice?

> Unfortunatly, this required a bit of money, namely 120$ for 2 years sticker
> and 6 $ for teh new plates.  Can anyone tell me what they pay for theirs?
>  BTW, at the time I got the plate, QUATRO was unavailable (still is) although
> I may switch to 4000CS or A4000Q  . I know the Gripster had Mass state plate
> QUATRO on it....whose is that?

Cheap.  My 86 5kCSQ will cost about $170 this year, the A4 more like
$500 and this is for regular WA state plates.

...but we don't have a state income tax so I don't complain.  In fact
I'm happy that all the really expensive cars get to pay really obscene amounts
to the state for their plates.  Now if they could have a better way of
determing value for older cars rather than the fixed depreciation
schedule they use...