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RE: Redline Gear Oil - Help I'm Confused

Why not give RedLine themselves a call at 800.624.7958. I did, they were
*very* helpful, and I ended up with their MT90 for the tranny, and their
75W90 for the rear diff. HTH.
-Ian Duff.
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	From:	Mark Pollan [SMTP:Mark.Pollan@MCI.Com]
	Sent:	Friday, July 11, 1997 6:08 PM
	To:	quattro
	Subject:	Redline Gear Oil - Help I'm Confused

	Please help, I am totally confused by all the various Redline
	All I want to do is change the oil in my differential and
	(5spd).  The car is an '86 5KCSTQ.

	From an unnamed vendor (don't want to give him a bum rap because
	my ignorance I first received Manual Transmission-Manual
	Lubricant of the 75W/80W GL-4 variety.  Placed a call saying it
	the wrong stuff and specified 75W90 gear oil.  Promptly received
	Performance Gear Oil of the 75W90 GL-5 variety.

	Bentley says 75W90 GL-4.  How do I refer to the right stuff or
am I
	missing something?  The trans and diff use the same oil right?

	Your help is greatly appreciated.  I don't want to make an oh so
	mistake with the gearbox/diff.

	Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 228K Miles which I want slippery but not