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Re: cracking coolant overflow tank

MSV96@aol.com wrote:
> Anyone know of a history of coolant overflow tanks cracking? On my 4kq there
> appears to be a crack on the side with some slight slime to it. I use no
> coolant-level is stable, and the motor temps are fine. Just back from a fast
> trip down to LA and back...AC on, hotter than all get out, and averaging
> 90-100 for ~200 miles on I5 (on the way there)...no problems. It *looks*
> though like it is starting to crack on the side. I have never seen this
> before in any cars I have owned and am curious if this is something anyone on
> the list has seen before. If so, has it resulted in catastrophic failure
> (i.e. fast and total coolant loss)? Just curious at this point. Last time I
> got curious towards the list I ended up buying a new heater valve ;-) (It was
> cheap...so maybe I'm safe from the wrath of the Audi-Gods for now.) TIA for
> advice on this one...
> Mike Veglia
> 85 4ksq
   The overflow tank on my 85 5kT cracked also, on the front side.  I
tried epoxy with no luck.  Found one in bone yard for $15, hope you're
as lucky.
Bob Ringlien