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RE: audi news s3/s4/s6/a6 avant 4x4

The M3 is 240 hp, 235 lbs-ft; if the S4 at least maintains the torque
characteristics of the base 1.8T engine, the 2.7L engine will produce
233 lbs-ft (and I'd bet that with twin turbos and additional boost,
it'll be more like 260-270 lbs-ft).  But wouldn't even an S4 with
265/233 be already capable of beating an M3 with 240/235?

With the increase in A3 production, the Ingolstadt factory (producing A3
and A4) is now at 100% capacity -- and apparently Neckarsulm (A6, A8 and
Cabriolet) is at about the same level.  So don't expect any easing of
the A4 shortage in the near future ...

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> Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 17:22:25 +0012
> From: Dave Eaton <dave.eaton@minedu.govt.nz>
> Subject: audi news s3/s4/s6/a6 avant 4x4
> [...]
> 1) a4/s4
> the 1st real pictures of the new s4 show a car in black with black
> alloys and
> the traditional audisport badging.  powered by a 265 hp twin turbo
> 2.7l v6. 
> not sure about the number of valves or torque figures.  [...]
> with those power figures, i don't expect we're
> looking at an m3-beater, or an rs2-beater; but it will probably be a
> tuners
> delight.  the 2.7l v6 seems to suggest that audi are creating a
> specific range
> of engines for the 's' series.  here's hoping.
> [...]
> 5) a3/s3 
> will be 170hp, and released in late 1998. no mention of the awd
> concept
> planned, whether audi will engineer a tranverse engine 'quattro' of
> leave the
> vw synchro concept in place. a 4 door version of the a3 will also be
> offered,
> along witha 110hp turbo diesel.  production on the a3 has had to be
> increased
> by 25% to 125,000 annually to keep up with demand.