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'83 UrQ Upgrade

When I talked to Ned Ritchie some time ago about his chip upgrade, he
suggested that I first update various components to '86 5000TQ or later,

1.      The Coil
2.      Idle Stabilizer
3.      Engine Computer & Harness (suffix "T")
4.      Fuel Distributor
5.      Air Flow Meter
6.      4 x Turbo Hoses

I am also considering converting to the water cooled smaller turbo of the
later 5000 models.

I would appreciate any comments, input and where I best might source these,
and what to look out for when I do.

What about a 20 valve turbo motor out of a 200?

I just received the two latest VW Audi Car mags.  They are great!!  Are the
Euro lights which you are all always going on about  like those of the
Black '86 that is featured in the June'97 edition?


John C.