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Vacuum problems / AC recirc door

I appreciate all the help listers gave in locating the recirc door on my '92
100S. I've found the door, and also found why it won't open or shut. There is
no vacuum pressure for the door to open or shut. I've traced the problem to a
small diaphram pump on the back right side of the engine (2.8 V6). It is part
# 078 133 159. It can be seen if you remove the plastic engine cover. The
pump is connected to the engine by a single small rod that drives it. The
drive mechanism for the pump looks like the cogs of an a locomotive, and is
on the back of the engine. These cogs do not move on my engine. What I need
to know is if they move on your engine if you have the 2.8 V6. I appreciate
any help you can give.

'92 100S (64k)