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Re: AC & Outside Temp sensors

At 1:55 AM -0400 on 7/9/97, William J Murin wrote:

> I had a really wierd experience this morning.  Hope someone can help.
> The outside air temp indicator was reading its usual 10 degrees (F) off on
10 degrees F?  Normal?  I go to school in Wisconsin, and I don't remember
it ever being that cool in the summer mornings!

> What is the relationship between the outside air temp reading on my dash
> and whether or not the climate control system outs hot hot or cold air?
If the temperature is below about 40(I can't remember the exact number) the
A/C will not cycle on.
   If the system thinks that it's -50 outside, it suddenly thinks, "Omgosh,
it's freezing out there.  The car's going to get really cold, better crank
up that heat!"(ie, toasty air out the vents)  The outside temp senders help
the system determine what you expect the system to do(ie, winter and it's
75 inside requires different action than summer and it's 75 inside.)
If you don't have access to a Bently, I'll give you a list of buttons to
push to get diagnosis codes, which should tell you which sensor it is...I
believe it keeps track of problem codes for the two sensors seperately.

> what's the likely cause of the probem?
Probably a bad outside temp sender.  If the 100 is similar to the '87 5000,
then there are two outside temp senders, one in the front grill, and one
inside the engine compartment.  The system reads from whichever one is
lowest(earlier versions just had the two wired together, so you got a
average of sorts.)

Brett Dikeman
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