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Surely some mistake?

A little story:

Audi specialist garage (not audi dealer)...."That'll be 140 gbp for the
replacement of both rear wheel bearings" (overtightened or something)

Me "Fine, see you when funds allow" (couldn't tell anything wrong from the
rear end)

Local garage....." That'll be 80 gbp for the replacement......etc" (3 and a
half months 5k miles later and they're making nasty noises)

Me "Fine, I'll think about it"

Euro Car Parts in Wembley.... "That'll be 16 pounds and forty three pence
for two sets of rear wheel bearings and seals"

Me "Done"

Did it myself in three hours for the first one, one hour flat for the
second. So thats how to run an Audi. The job was fairly easy and saved me a
packet. I'd like to know how the Audi specialist gets away with charging 123
pounds and 57 pence labour and VAT for a two hour job max with their
experience, even at 40 gbp an hour and 17.5 VAT it comes to around 110 gbp,
which thinking about it isn't that far off (!). The bearings were exactly
the same as the old ones removed: Timken? are these OE bearings?


'85 80 sport.