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Re: German License Plates

Brian McCune wrote:
> Happy Monday Morning to everyone,
>         I live in Pennsylvania where we are not required to have front license
> plates.  Does anyone know where I can find German replicas in the US, or
> anywhere for that matter?
>                                 Thanks,
>                                                 Brian

On the front of my car, for one ;-)

Any of the PA *Mational Auto Stores* have a catalogue with a selection of major 
European plates. Looks totally authentic (I know, I used to have real ones on my 
cars in the past).

Approx $35 for both the plate and a handsome plastic snap-snap-snap bracket, so 
that you don't have to drill the plate and/or bumper (use the existing US DOT 
spec holes).

A piece of advice: the law does not say anything about European etc. plates, 
however it does say that *the front and the rear ones should read the same*.

Therefore, as an extra insurance against an over-zealous revenue enforcer, I had 
it ordered with exact same alpha-numeric combination, as the one which was given 
to me by the PA DOT.

BTW, I ordered it in the form of a transit German tag, with the expiration date 
of 3/94 (that's when I bought the car). Now everyone thinks that it's a Eurospec 
grey market car, (especially those who had ridden in it). 
Cool, I don't argue.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'97 A4TQ - on order
Philadelphia, PA