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Re: Broken front hood latch on 1990 V8Q

Hairy green toads from Mars made George_Earle@chordiant.com say:

> Anyone have experience with the front hood release 'breaking' so you can no
> longer open the hood?  The cable is still attached on the release handle in
> the passenger compartment.

Yup. Twice. Learned an important lesson the second time.

You can poke a big screwdriver in the grill and pop the hood to get
it open (takes a little practice; any decent shop can do it).

When it's open REPLACE THE CABLE! Don't waste your time crimping a
new end on it. The new cables are worth the few $$$. I fixed mine
the first time, and it broke a second time right after what looked
like all my engine oil spewed out 250 miles from home in rural Maine.

Not a fun trip!


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