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Re: '93 90 dash rattle

>Check the hood hinge attach bolt for tightness. I had one loosen on a
>4kq. I tore the dash apart several times trying to find the intermittent
>rattle thinking that it was in the dash, near the speaker. Drove me

Hood hinge attatch bolt?  Where exactly is this?  Is it under the hood,
or under the dash?  I would look but I'm sadly removed from my Audi for
the week :-(


I think it was Phil who suggested that maybe the garage got sick of some
shear bolt (?) they would be drilling out...
Could this be rattling?  Where is this shear bolt, anyway?  And what
does it hold in?  I have the repair manual for
steering/brakes/suspension and it has brief instructions on removing the
steering wheel and instrument cluster, but doesn't mention this.  Is it
down farther?