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Anyone wanna buy a GTI?

Well, my VW may be up for sale as of very soon.  So, here are the stats....
 1986 VW golf 4 door
Titan red/Black/grey interior
custom 2.25 engine back exhaust, Dynomax Race Magnum muffler, 4 inch tip
GTI wheels, GTI steering wheel, GLI seats, Corrado radio, Single wiper
Hella 550 fogs, racing stripes (silver, up the middle!) 
Tokico Illumina (adjustable.) shocks with cut stock springs, about 1.5 inch
drop rear, about 2 up front.
GTI front brakes and new rears.., recently
Recent driveshaft replacement
winter wheels (stock 13 inchers, with trim...)
extra exhaust system
Car runs extremely well.  Pulls very strong,as fast or faster than every 8v
GTI I have ever encountered.  

Price?  I am asking $1750 for the car.  Parts are worth that alone, maybe
Awesome for an everyday driver, ready to convert to competetive SCCA car
(1000$ will do that) or winter beater.  Car is located in RI....401-783-3517.
 Will consider trades, parts or whole.  20v engine?  90/91 Coupe wheels?

Carter J