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87 5KTQ Sedan For Sale-Westport CT

I saw a Pearl White 87 5KTQ parked in front of a yard in Westport CT last
night with Connecticut Plates. It has 195K on the odometer, The exterior
looked very clean, no visible dings or dents and looked stock, however, the
black leather seats were pretty beat up with splits along the seams on the
driver side. It also had the matching Fuchs 5 Spoke Alloy (Pearl White) rims
with Michelin MXV-4 tires. Looked like it was cared and used, not abused.
Call 203-454-4880 for price and additional information.

The usual disclaimers apply and am posting to assist my fellow quattro
brethren and am not related to the seller in any way, shape or form.

Wesley Lem
91 200Q 20V
95 Audi 90S (Wife's)