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Re: My "new" Audi! :-)

> From: Mark Granoff <Mark.Granoff@Software.com>
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: My "new" Audi! :-)
> Date: Friday, July 11, 1997 8:36 AM

Mark i have a 93 90csq and i have the exact same problem (except i only
have four holes) if anyone replys to your concern (and i miss it) would you
please email me directly so i can fix this carnage, Thank you. by the way i
love my audi too. I have driven it at excessive speeds and it "feels"
better than being put to sleep at 110km/h (it is limited to 200km/h)  :( ,
but what can you do? I also drove a VW (1986 scirrocco) very nice car, but
way to loud and way to small. You HAVE to appreciate the total lack of
engine and road noise, its wonderful......anyway enjoy your car and welcome
to the family.


> Last week I jumped the gun (as luck would have it :-( ) when I said I was
> picking up my "gently used" 1994 Audi 90CS Quattro. I actaully picked it
> last night. (Last week's false start was because the dealer called me at
> the eleventh hour to tell me they were going to actually fix some things
> and my private mechanic told them were wrong. Imagine that. Anyway...)
> I picked it up last evening. At about 10:30pm, I wanted to go to the
> supermarket -- in the next county -- but my wife wouldn't let me. :-)
> Having driven VWs for the last 10 year (an '87 Jetta GL for 8 years, and
> '95 Jetta GLX for the last 2), all I can say is Fahrvergnugen,
> Schmahrvergnugen! (And I realize that VW owns Audi, but its clear they
> don't talk to each other).
> The Audi driving experience is entirely different! The ride is quieter,
> softer (but not like a Japanese car), and tighter.  And the car is a
> the doors close with an authoritative thump. Excellent fit and finish.
> car is everything a BMW is, and more (for less money).
> My favorite feature so far is the climate control system. I just love
> A bonus (as I did not remember this when I originally viewed the car) is
> that there is a power antenna on the left rear quarter. I'm having a
> installed tomorrow and after all the talk about how lousy the Audi
> in-windshield antenae are, I was worried. But now I'm psyched for
> reception!
> One question for everyone. I'm sure someone has the perfect simple
> solution. The previous owner (the leasor) had a car phone installed,
> I had them remove as I don't need it. On the passenger side of the center
> console, in the plastic there are 6 or 8 screw holes. All of them are
> clean, and maybe an eighth of an inch in diameter. I'd like to fill them.
> Would black caulk (do they make it in that color?) be enough, or is there
> better material that isn't going to shrink/fade/fall out over time? 
> for any guidance.
> -Mark
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