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Weight of 200 flywheel, part numbers, Here it is!

I just so happen to have a flywheel and new clutch set for a '91 200q which I
am using with the 20V turbo in my ur q.  Assuming you meant the late 200q,
"flat" flywheel rather than the earlier 5kq, ur q flywheel, these numbers
_should_ be correct.  The flywheel is the same on 10V and 20V cars.  I put
the parts on shipping scale at work, so this is probably not entirely
accurate, but should be pretty close.  

Flywheel    034 105 271 F      18lbs   
Pressure Plate 035 141 118    12lbs
Clutch Disc  035 141 033 H      4lbs   (disc w/ 2 sets of springs on '91
200q, others may work)

Here's the rest of the parts if you want to do a swap from an earlier car
with the 016 transmission.  Note that the flywheel has the timing sensor pin
at 62 degrees BTDC as on 5ktqs, 200s etc., ur q's have the pin at 60 degrees.

Release Fork  016 141 719 A
Release Bearing 01E 141 165 A
Plastic Bumper  01B 141 751   (between release fork and bell housing)
Guide, Release Bearing 016 141 181  (metal)

You may also need the metal spring which holds the release fork against the
plastic bumper.  Sorry, there was no number on the one I have.  I have the
Sachs/Boge part numbers somewhere also, if anyone is interested in them I'll
dig them up.


Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q 3B to be