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By the way...

3 weeks ago I bought a 85 1/2 (86) 4KSQ with 96 K on it.
	I paid 1400 for it. It needed a windshield and exhaust repair
	(love the sound). There is a little rust chewing on it at the 		usual

	My friend in Ausrtia with the Integrale said HI, he had to 
	install a new clutch ( Ferrari piece , cost : over 2K $ )

	RallyeGolf: isn't that a G60 engine ? 

	Old GTis: didn't they build a 4 door gti , Phil ?       

	Good Luck, gentlemen
		Zafir in Detroit 
	86 4KSQ 
	86 5Kturbo falling apart
	83 Gti with 87 16V still apart