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Re: So, what is experience with Black leather?

At 05:50 AM 7/15/97 -0500, Leah and David Mueller wrote:
>I continue my hunt for an appropriate Quattro for my family.  Have maybe
>found a winner but it has black leather.  What experience have any of you
>with this color in regards to heat build up and the like?  Thank you!!

My previous car, a black Jetta GLX, had black leather inside. As most black
cars tend to do, it got hot in the Summer. The seats got warm too, but I
didn't find myself cursing the black/black combination as a result. You
live with it. :-) In the winter of course, every bit of heat absorpsion was
appreciated. (I'm in the Northeast USA).  The seats showed no signs of
damage from exposure to the sun, either.

My current car, the '94 90CS Quattro, is emerald green (not as dark as
black, but dark just the same) with black leather interior. I'm expecting a
similar experience with this car as with the Jetta (w.r.t. the temp of the
interior), but the climate control system on the Audi should help a lot. :-)

Personally, I wouldn't discount the car because it has black leather
inside. If the upholstery is beat up, then that's another story. If your
concern is having kids in the car, then that's still another story. But you
can always put a covering of some kind under any child seats to protect the
leather, so...

Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.

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