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snap, crackle and pop?

When the AC first turns on, my '89 100 sounds like I'm driving in the
middle of a bowl of Rice Crispies! During the initial minute or two after
the compressor cycles on, (almost *before* any cool air begins to come out
of the vents) the interior begins to pop and snap--little creaks and groans
seeming to come from all directions (interior) especially the driver-side
(left) door. Then it suddenly stops--never to be heard again even during
hours of AC operation. I'm pretty certain these are *not* relay-contact
noises--unless there are 3 or 4 different noisy relays that activate at
various locations whenever the AC initially comes on. I hope the ACC ain't
that complex ;-)

Surely this a thermal expansion (contraction) thing? Problem is that it
happens so quickly, and it doesn't seem to be coming from the dash or
engine area where you'd think that sorta stuff would be localized. Anyone
else hear these AC-related sounds?

'89 100

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