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Transport Source Books...

Yesterday, I received a shipment of books from Transport Source Books in the
UK.  This company assembles and reprints articles/reviews/ads that have
appeared in the UK motoring press and has several hundred titles for sale.
Among them are four volumes on the Ur-Q (TSB 120, TSB 186, TSB 223 and TSB
224, respectively) as well four volumes on the 80 (all three series, TSB
202), 90 (1984-86 models, TSB 354), 100 (from the 100LS to the Type 44
chassis cars through about 1987, TSB 190) and the 200 (1980-1989, TSB 353)
... I bought them all and was/am overwhelmed by the amount of info available
(I stayed up WAY past my bedtime skimming through them!).

Quality of the reprints varies and, on average, it's probably a notch below
the Brooklands and R&T books ... also, they're not exactly cheap, either, at
GBP9.95 per book plus GBP4.00 for shipping to the US.  Still, if you're
anything like me and want to read everything ever written about these cars,
they're about the easiest (and cheapest!) way to get your hands on this info
... oh, yeah: In their catalog, they list black-and-white reprints of
cutaway drawings (1977 100, 1980 Ur-Q, 1983, Ur-Q sport engine, 1983 100)
and color reprints for the 1977 100 and two of Ur-Q rally cars for GBP2.50
plus GBP1.00 for shipping to the US).  Lastly, in a note attached to my
receipt, they indicated that they hoped to have a volume for the Coupes
available shortly...

In short, highly recommended.  They can be reached via FAX at
(0)1473-270376, email at TSB@easynet.co.uk and regular mail at Transport
Source Books, Ltd, 32 Springhurst Close, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 5NU, England.
They also accept Visa & Mastercard, which makes overseas purchases a LOT

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