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Re: snap, crackle and pop?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Phil and Judy Rose say:

> When the AC first turns on, my '89 100 sounds like I'm driving in the
> middle of a bowl of Rice Crispies! During the initial minute or two after
> the compressor cycles on, (almost *before* any cool air begins to come out
> of the vents) the interior begins to pop and snap--little creaks and groans
> seeming to come from all directions (interior) especially the driver-side
> (left) door. Then it suddenly stops--never to be heard again even during
> hours of AC operation. I'm pretty certain these are *not* relay-contact
> noises--unless there are 3 or 4 different noisy relays that activate at
> various locations whenever the AC initially comes on. I hope the ACC ain't
> that complex ;-)
> Surely this a thermal expansion (contraction) thing? Problem is that it
> happens so quickly, and it doesn't seem to be coming from the dash or
> engine area where you'd think that sorta stuff would be localized. Anyone
> else hear these AC-related sounds?

Yup, in my '89 100Q. I chalked it up to the flaps opening, closing,
seating, whatever. I have learned to ignore it.


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