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200q Maladies...

My '89 200q has several problems:  When I go over speed bumps or over any 
kind of rough surface, my driver's side front strut makes clunking or 
rattling sounds.  Fairly new Boge's all around, and that side does not 
appear to have a broken cartridge, mushy rubber bump stop and missing 
boot replaced.  Could this be the strut bearing?

As I drive around in D.C's oppressive 90 degree plus heat, I often get 
faint gas vapors in my car (A/C on).  Is there a carbon canister on this 
car?  Does it have a replaceable filter?  Any thoughts on what this might 

With thanks to Rob Winchell of the list, I have acquired "wood" trim for 
the climate control panel.  How do you remove the panel?  Does the 
console need to come apart?

There is a rubber hose (thin diameter) that comes from the pass. side 
front fender (actually disappears into the fender) and hangs down by the 
oil cooler unattached. When I first bought the car (Jan. '97) the hose 
was connected (with a windshield washer tee) to the cloth covered braided 
drain pipe for the oil catch tray between the intake manifold and head.   
Any thougths on what  this should attach to?  Is this related to my vapor 

When I check codes on channel 11 (or is it 10?) of the climate control, I 
get reading 09.  A friend told me this was due to a defective temp 
sensor.  Is this accurate?  Could this be the source of my vapor 

Many thanks in advance, and thanks to all that helped with the wastegate 
problem on my '86 5kt.