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UrQ idle questions - repost

Major mail problems at work. I sent this out this morning, if
anyone has any thoughts please email me directly as the list
is causing a mail crash every time it is delivered to me.

I have an annoying idle problem. It's not a hassle, I just want
to find the source. When the engine is cold, right after initial
start-up and right after a hot start-up, but only for less than
30 secs, the car idles very roughly. It sort of surges and
cycles. During this time I can't adjust the idle speed so I'm
thinking vacuum leak. My guess is something that is turned
off or shut off when the engine is warm. The idle speed
adjustments will affect the warm idles speed, just not the
cold idle speed. I have replaced the leaking fuel injectors,
inserts and seals to solve my hot start problem. I have also
replaced the Oxygen sensor and most of the old worn
vacuum lines, as well as the warm-up regulator and the
accordian turbo hose. The temp sensor for the warm-up
regulator that has two vacuum lines seems to be cracked. I
can turn the two vacuum nipples of the sensor while the
sensor is still sealed in the block. Anyone have any thoughts
on what's going on here. I'm not an expert on the cycling of
the ECU system. Should the system be in closed loop when
hot and not when cold. Thanks.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.