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RE: Strange boost happenin's

It continues...

- Get in the car after work and drive home, boost is normal.
- Get in car this morning and drive to work, boost is normal.
- Get in car lunch and drive 10 miles, boost is normal.
- Leave car for an hour, get in, LOW BOOST! Ahhh!

I'd _really_ appreciate any ideas on this!

Rob Winchell
91 200Q

On Monday, July 14, 1997 12:41 PM, Rob Winchell [SMTP:rbw@avs.com] wrote:
> The story (so far):
> - Yesterday morning, start the car, drive it almost empty 5 miles, where I 
> put in 10 gallons of gas (Mobil 93) and a bottle of Techron. Drive it about 
> 45 miles, everything fine.
> - Come back to car about 6 hours later, start driving and the boost only 
> goes to 1.4 max. Drove it about 45 miles that way, parked in the driveway 
> overnight.
> - Start-up this morning, same low-boost condition. Drive 5 miles, fill up 
> on Mobil 93. Drive another 5 miles, same low boost problem.
> - 3 hours later, get in car, drive 2 miles, low boost. Park car for 5 
> minutes.
> - Back in the car, boost is back to normal!
> What's the deal with that? Could this be Techron related, or is that 
> coincidental? I'm worried/curious.