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RE: Bearings, was "Surely some mistake?"


> Are they truly inexpensive (in the US), or am I
> better off with the rebuild? Any sense in getting better than stock
> bearings?

Just the bearing is $25 to $35 at import parts places.  Much cheaper
at a bearing house (but you need the bearing number from the bearing,
not the Audi part number).  A complete kit with new retaining rings
and the self locking nuts (which you must replace) is $40 to $60
or so.  If the old retaining rings are in good shape, you can reuse them.
An axel nut is $3.00 from import parts places.

Use the Schley bearing tool so that you don't have to remove the strut.
Otherwise you will need an alignment also.

Some motor heads or racers will repack the bearings with higher performance
grease.  This can be done with the FAG bearings but not the Timkens.  It's
not worth it for normal use.  European car did an article about this back
when they were still VW & Porche around January or February of 1990?

These bearings cannot be rebuilt.  It will be damaged or destroyed when it is
removed anyway.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe