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Car Wax Re: Audi A4 questions

> Finally, what kind of wax can I use to get that  
> shiny "wet" look? 
> Steve 
	Ever since I was a kid, my dad suckered me into believing "waxing 
Audis is fun".  He'd watch F1 on TV while I was out there in the sun waxing 
away my young years... 
	Anyway, I have had the opportunity to use quite a few car waxes 
(Turtle Wax, Zymol...).  I'd have to say that one of the best waxes I've used 
is NuFinish.  NuFinish used to have infomercials on TV where the guy would run 
his car through, like, 100 car washes, and the water would still bead on the 
surface.  Then they would pour Kerosene on the car and set it on 
fire...ohhh???...but it was protected by the NuFinish...ahhh!!!  Needless to 
say, I was sold, so I saved up all those nickles my dad was paying me, and 
bought a bottle (~$5.00 is most K-Mart, Wal-Mart type stores). 
	Marketing garbage aside, this stuff is actually very good.  
Application and removal are so easy.  Its non-abraisive (easy on clear coats), 
but the solvents are still strong enough to take off all sorts of little bug, 
tar, paint marks, scratches, and paint oxidation.  Best of all, you get this 
slick "wet" feeling.  Put the bottle on any slighly non-level surface, and 
*splat*... the bottle slides off and spills all over the driveway (yeah!).  
Even my cat and fell while trying to climb on the car.  The bottle claims two 
coats per year. 
P.S.  Alternating between waxes over time is usually not a good idea, as one 
has a tendency to remove/react with the one already on the car. 
Chris Darringer 
'90 80q