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re: towing with a '91 200q (not this thread again!!)

Check the archives, I started this thread back at the beginning of the year,
and got lots of replies (towing with a turbo audi).  Short reply:  yes, can
tow, but you are putting thermal and other stresses on, be careful while
Chris Miller
'91 200q

<<<<<Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 09:49:33 -0500
From: yourot@juno.com (Gregory L Dutka)
Subject: Towing w/a 200

Hi guys,

I'm buying a boat  (whoooopie!), anyone else out there who tows their
boat w/ their quattro.  The boat I'm looking to buy is 18 feet long and
about 26OO lbs with the trailer (not sure of the tongue wt.  I think its
around 95 lbs).  My car is  a 91 200TQ20v.  My father used tow his glider
(about 1800 lbs) with his 89 200TQ10v, with no problems at all. Well if
anyone else out there has a boat I'd really like some details.  
			Thanks in advance.
91 200TQ
86 Nissan 300zx>>>>