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VW G60 Rally Golf photos and...


If you guys can hold out, I am right in the middle of editing Vermont
SportsCar's web site. <www.vtrally.com> The guys there tweeked and
helped Tim O'Neil sell his VW G60 Rally Golf way back when. Loads of
photos, detailed shots too, of this amazing red Golf that should have
come to the states. For a sneak peek of the site go to:
<www.vtrally.com/index2.html>. G60 photos should be up soon. Look
forward to a full rich photo enhanced website with many past and current
rallying images.

You want Audi quattro photos too...? Some of the BEST sideways shots of
an Ur-q to date will be at <www.vtrally.com/sprongl1.jpg> !!!  Thanks to
Neil Swanson, a q-lister from CT and a very good photographer, was at
the 1997 Mt. Washington Hillclimb this year and captured a few shots of
Frank Sprongl going sideways UPHILL with all four tires spewing blue
Michelin race tire smoke and laying down huge marks on the tarmac! This
is a true Audi Sport A2 Ur-quattro coupe that was restored to almost
factory specs by Shokan. Roughly 485hp? Frank Sprongl blew a coolant
line in practice of Fri pm, mechanics drove 10hrs to get a new head
gasket, installed it Sat and ran a blistering 7:07 run. Seemed that the
blowout warped the head and the "favorite" to win on Sun had to settle
for a 7:23 run, fourth behind others. Oh well, too much boost. Killer
photos tho. Thanks Neil. Also, most of these photos will be up on
<www.quattro.org> soon.

Regards, Thompson-