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Mt. Washington T-Shirts????

Hey fellow listers,

I am truly envyous of those who went to Mt. Washington.  I REALLY tried
to go, but it was not possible.  I did make Pike Peak though.  But, I
got even more envious when I saw the T-shirts a few of the listers got
when they were there!!!!  

They were a white long sleeve T-shirt with a Sport Quattro rally car on
the front and "quattro" down the sleeves!  I want one!!!!  Can anyone in
the New England region tell me if they are still available or where I
can get them?  How much were they?  Or, do I have to contact AoA?  I
hope not!  

Any help appreciated.  I am hoping I won't have to go through AoA, but
if I do, I will try to get a group purchase deal.