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RE: Hella XL mounting on bumper(help!)


You might check the archives on this; I remember a thread a few months back about it. The consensus was the molly bolt method suggested by Hella sucks. Someone suggested using different bolts altogether, but I'm not sure of the details. By the way, I too have a set of Hella XLs for my 87 5kcst, but I haven't found the time to attempt mounting them. Let me know how it turns out.


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At 2:09 PM -0400 on 7/15/97, Robert W Obrien wrote:

> As for the bumper-bolt question- let me know how it's done! I couldn't get
> those off either- there's still a set of lights (old Bosch) on my shelf,
> because I couldn't figure how to mount them on those conspicuous bolts (I
> have an 87 5kt as well)
Well, at least on my '87 5kcst, there bolt "sinks" or screws in flush with
a piece of metal between the outside plastic and another metal layer
inside.  I tried bending a piece of aluminum to make a U shaped bracket,
but I would have had to remove quite a bit of black plastic to get it to
I also don't feel comfy with leaving the bolt unscrewed so much...it's a
massive thing, and it just sorta says "I'm really important, don't mess
with me."

If I don't get any nice info on how to do this, I'll just give up and go
with the Molly mounts <sigh>

> If it's just going to the relay, the defroster should work. Good luck
> finding a switch.
Tell me about it...they're not exactly easy to find(and listers who have a
spare, speak up)

> Oh, and if you need to get through the firewall- there's a nice grommet,
> on mine at least, near the fuse box and close to the windshield base...
Wicked.  Sounds like that will be the entry of choice.


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