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Re: towing w/a 200

Gregory L Dutka wrote:
I'm buying a boat  (whoooopie!), anyone else out there who
tows their boat w/ their quattro. 

Don't have a Q but tow a utility trailer with 86 5KS. Towing
my boat (3,500 lbs) might be doable for short trip to ramp. 
Actually launching w/ front drive conjures  visions of car
becoming a submarine.  Hence, I borrow a truck for the twice
a year launch and retreival.  

I'd feel better if mine were a Q, but what is important is
the hitch.  Don't try to a short cut.  I had a Dai'Lan hitch
installed for about $300. (not cheap), but on one trip (700
miles) pulled a loaded 5x8 uhaul, (1,500 lbs empty, 3,000
full, through a snow storm!  Anything less than the Da'Lan
or equiv. and you'll rip sheet metal from under the trunk. 
This would not be caused by the pull, but forces exerted
going over bumps.