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Dad's New A8

Well another Audi has been added to the driveway today.  Dad picked up his
new Emerald Green A8 4.2 quattro.  What an amazing car.  I would never have
thought back in high school that my father's driveway would be so cool.  In
our drive way resides this collection of these cars, '83 Toyota Cressida (for
sale), '83 5Ks (brothers car), '84 Ur-q (mine), '87 5KTQ (mine), '93 100S
(Dads), '95 Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon (Moms), and now Dad's A8.  Well have to go,
my brother and I get to take Dad's new car for a spin (figuratively) with out
him in it.  I will let everybody know how it went tomarrow.