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Re: Fuel Range Indicator

Jim Fraser <fraserj@fero.com> wrote:

> I have a question about the fuel range (miles to empty) indicator in my
> 1990 CQ:
> The unit becomes annoying because it counts down to *30,* then *E*
> flashes in my face -- all when I have a good 75 miles or so left before
>  I come close to empty.  Now, I imagine this is some type of early
> warning -- but it often flashes *E* when just under 1/4 tank remains,

This happened on both the '89 200Q and the '91 V8-- intermittent both
times.  On the '89 200Q, dealer replaced board computer under warranty. 
Ned Ritchie later said it might have been a connector.  On the V8 it
occurred, too, and when I had to replace the clock _again_ (wouldn't
set)  cleaned all the connections to the dash and coated w/ ProGold. 
It's been several weeks since then, and so far, so good.

BTW, the ProGold samples Caig sent were on wipes, so I'll punt the
freezer test.

Dave Weiss
'91 V8
'93 90 CS UnQ