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RE: Question about Quattros and Turbos

I can attest to the rock solid reliability of the Quattro drive system AND
the turbos that are on the Audi 200 Quattros. I owned an 89 200 Quattro
Sedan, bought it used at 45,000 miles and sold it when it reached 115,000
mile. Not a single engine problem. Changed the timing and water pump at 60K
and used Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil. The cooling system on the turbo makes it very
reliable both oil and water cooled jackets. I just purchased a 91 200 Quattro
20 Valve with 93K miles and intend to put another 100K on the clock. High
mileage Quattros/Turbos should not scare you away. They are engineered to
take abuse and you can look forward to many trouble free miles as long as the
vehicle was serviced and maintained..........Regards.....Wes Lem

Looking to replace a 86 5KS with a pre- 92 model (because of
the size) and generally believe in KISS (keep it simple
stupid).  More stuff means more to go wrong.   Due to this I
have not looked at quattros or turbos.  The later also
because it might have been driven hard. 

Even though mechanically capable of most things, (recently
replaced  steering rack on  86), I am not sure I want to
fool around with all wheel drive or a turbo.  Reading
listers enthusiasm, however may have changed my mind.  

What potential problems might I encounter with a quattro or
turbo?  I generally don't get burned buying a used car,
(mostly private), but I have no experience with Qs or Ts. 
Does this greatly increase my chance of getting burned?

What should I be aware of dugin pre purchase inspection? 
Anybody out there care to share first time purchase of a
used turbo or quattro?  Or advice from  long term owners?

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