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Re: $60 mud flaps?

At 05:01 PM 7/15/97 -0400, Ron Rappel wrote:
>  I recently purchased a 1994 90CS Quattro Sport and am

Hey! Me too! :-)

>considering buying mud flaps for the car to help protect

Me too, again. Actually, I had specified that I wanted mud flaps when I
agreed to buy the car. The dealer located them but also told me that mud
flaps were only available for the *front* wheel wells for that make, model
and year of this car. I found that disappointing, since I think only having
them on the front would look bad and kind of defeats the purpose of having
them if you don't have them on the back too. My opinion, of course.

>  I wonder if anyone has any experience
>with these things?  Do they just bolt on using existing
>screw holes or do I have to drill new ones?  

If they're any good (I haven't actually seen them) then they screw into the
wheel well rim, securely. If they don't go on securely, they could pop of
if too much pressure is applied in the wrong direction... You might have to
drill holes; I dunno for sure.


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