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Help me keep the Audi faith...

As above, I'm beginning to get a bit disillusioned. The 5kcst runs as well
as any 166k+ miler I know, still looks nice, but things like the recent AC
mutiny and the apparent death of the passenger side window reg tonight are
beginning to make me wonder if I'm a fool. I won't even get into Pentosin.
I did that last winter when, for my first real mechanical task, I replaced
the rack! I still love my old 5000, but am beginning to question its
effect on my sanity, not to mention wallet. So, if anyone wants to express
some Audi humor tinged with reasons why not to unload the beast (a top 10
list perhaps?) I could use the boost (BTW 1.3 bar)
Thanks yet again,
1987 5000CS Turbo, apparently miffed of late