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RE: Fuel Range Indicator

Dunno how to adjust, mine seems to be fairly accurate. When it starts
nagging with an "E", I really do have only about 30 miles left. Then
with prolly 15 left, the gas pump icon between the speedo and tach
lights up and beeps. Makes it tough to run out of gas, also makes it
fairly easy to maximize distance between stops. I hope you can figure
out how to make yours work better, mine allows me to remain
-Ian Duff.
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	Sent:	Tuesday, 15 July 1997 5:26 PM
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	Subject:	Fuel Range Indicator

	Hello, and happy muggy/rainy day to fellow N.E.ers!

	I have a question about the fuel range (miles to empty)
indicator in my
	1990 CQ:
	The unit becomes annoying because it counts down to *30,* then
	flashes in my face -- all when I have a good 75 miles or so left
	I come close to empty.  Now, I imagine this is some type of
	warning -- but it often flashes *E* when just under 1/4 tank
	even though I don't need to fill it for a few days.  I then
either watch the 

	light flash in my face with every startup, or switch to another
	every time.

	Is there a way to adjust the fuel range indicator such that it
not only
	stops being so annoying, but could even become useful?  I've
	mention of a pot on the back of the cluster for adjusting fuel
	Should I give it a turn or two and see what happens?

	Any info would be interesting...

	Jim Fraser
	'90 CQ
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