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RE: Hella XL mounting on bumper(help!) -Reply

At 8:52 AM -0400 on 7/16/97, Ed Kellock wrote:
> Guys,
> Was on Pike's Peak run and Jim Griffin has the Hella's on his 92 100,
> mounted above the bumper.  He talked about the molly method (which
> didn't work for him) and he said he ultimately ended up buying a very
Everyone keeps talking about how the Molly mount didn't work very well...
I'm just about done mounting mine, and I didn't have any trouble with the
Molly anchors that came with the kit...However, I decided I would mount the
lights with one Molly anchor, aim them side-to-side-wise, drive with them
for a while to make sure they're ok, then trace the black boot, and drill
for the second one.
The holes were not that hard...the bumper cover was easy to drill through
and the metal wasn't that tough either.

What sort of problems did people have with the Mollys?

One other note, I found two very convenient, very large grommets/plugs in
the firewall, on the passenger side by the fresh air intake(I also vacuumed
out all the cruck that was in there...
The easiest way I found to thread a wire through was to manuever around
until I was sitting completely upside-down(feet hitting the headrest, head
in the footwell, looking up), and have someone shine a bright light from
the top...you can see where to stick a feed wire, and then they just have
to grab it when they see it with a pair of long-nosed pliers.  If you're
going towards the switch panel, you're all set...bring the wire up towards
the glove compartment(go behind the compartment, sorta) and there's a hole
about the size of a finger where you can stick the wire and it'll end up
right on top of the A/C programmer, by the rightmost switch panel, and
you're set.

This all of course applies to a 5kCST, 1987.


Brett Dikeman
dikemanb@edison.ma.ultranet.com	dikemanb@stu.beloit.edu
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