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My Xls


I had the Xls on my 5ktq.   They are far far more effective when mounted above
the bumper. I tried below 'cause I already had fog, hellas there anyway.

They really need to be above. I tried them below and when they are aimed to be
effective you will get flashed.  Expect to get flashed when they are on top too.
The included level is too optomistic on whet oncoming traffic will put up with.

  I used the molly system.  Works fine and is fast to do.

If you saw my car at Mt Wash you saw the nice OMP Steady Bars holding the tops
of my Hella 500s to the body.

They are easy to put on in existing holes in a 5k.   The lights no longer jiggle
at all.  And wether you use the mollys or not the lights will jiggle.

Adjusting is super easy.  The OMPs things are small slick SS turnbuckles.
Someone said they look like a sail boat part and they do.  Just loosen and turn
a but for fine tuning.  And they hold your adjustment solid.

So put the Xls up top, and make them steady.