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Re: Rallye Golf? -Reply

Derek Daily <ddaily@SMTPGW.MITSUICOMTEK.COM> wrote:

>(1)  Re:  The Rallye Golf.  Where are the Europeans when I need em?
>I had one hell of a time locating information from domestic magazines
>regarding my Quantum (Passat) Syncro.  While searching I DID however
>come across an R&T article showing the cutaway of the original
>Ralleye (Rally, Rallye, Really, whatever...) Golf.  This was NOT a
>Rally race stock car, simply a prototype of some ideas VW was having
>with their little baby...quattro awd.  Unless I'm just twankered the
>article was from ~84/85.  Definitely prior to 88.

The production version however, appeared as a Golf Mk.2 (the first Golf in
the US) only, however. I saw an early prototype at a show in '86 (if I
recall correctly) and I have pics of the real thing, spotted outside the
local DIY superstore. Definately a post-84 Golf, very funky with the
UrQ-like wide arches. Unfortunately, no magazine facts, and even the
yearbooks keep schtumm about it. Ergo: none were ever officially imported
into Holland, and the ones running around (I've seen a couple over the
years) must've been personal imports from Germany or used imports. The
story at the time (late '80s) was that the car was intended as a
homologation special for VW Motorsport. I'm pretty sure no Mk.1 Rallye
(with 'e', incidentally) Golfs were ever made, and the Mk.1 floor pan was
never adapted to Syncro. The Rallye Golf was equipped with the 60mm G-lader.


PS Did anyone know that in '87, a Golf GTI 16v took a class win at Pikes
Peak? Time was 15.18.97. Not bad for a non-turbo car...

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