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California's wonderful smog check system

Four years ago I put a 1988 1.8L motor in my 1981 Scirocco. I did it all by
the book so that I could have the car certified. Two years ago when I needed
the inspection I had a State certified smog check referee go over the car. It
was certified legal but he added ignition spark control to the requirements
on the bar code. 
 First, the 1988 JH motor never had spark control, only a simple vacuum
advance. Second the guy physically inspected the car and there is clearly no
ignition spark control on the car. Third, Alldata and Bently both clearly
show that this engine does not require this feature. Yesterday I take my car
to the local gas station for my smog check. The guy says he can't inspect the
car because the bar code doesn't match the specs. He says the car is just as
Alldata says it should be but with the bar code reading differently.
 So I go back to the state inspector to point out he has made a mistake.
Well, he pulls out the Mitchell books which show the 1988 as having ignition
spark control. I then decided to keep my mouth shut because, even though the
car is right, if he opens the hood to re-inspect I'm dead meat. So I am now
faced with a dilemma. How do I tell the state of California and Mitchell for
that matter that there is an error in the books? Or is Bently and Alldata
wrong. Can one of you out there offer some evidence one way or another? 
 I could launch one of my political speeches at this point but I'm fresh out
of energy. They're wearing me down.