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Re: CSI fault codes

Mark Zvolanek wrote:
> Fellow Q-listers
> Is it possible to read computer fault codes on '91 90 just by using LED
> indicator without the use of VAG 1551 tool? If so how?
> Mark Z

I don't know about '91 90 diagnostic system but the '91 200q on-board
system can be interrogated without the VAG 1551 tester.  The process
goes as follows:
1) Jumper the brown and black connectors located just to the left of the
clutch pedal together. Connect only the poles closest to the firewall.
2) Turn on the ignition switch and wait for 30 seconds.
3) Pull the jumper wire.
4) The "check engine light" will now flash the fault codes, one after
the other.  The process will cycle through and then repeat itself until
the ignition switch is turned off.
5) To erase the fault codes, wait until all fault codes have been
displayed and reconnect the jumper as in 1) above.  Do this before the
sequence begins another cycle.   

Hope this helps!
Kent Crossley, Portland,Or.
'91 200q, IA stg 3 ecu, with real brakes (mine)
'93 90CSq, looking for 15" snow wheels (hers)