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re: cause of brake warping?

What causes the brake rotors to warp?  Heavy braking causes lots of momentum
to be converted into heat; the rotors cool unevenly, and warp.  Causes of
uneven cooling?  differing torque on lug nuts, or is it letting the car come
to a stop while the rotors are still very hot, and the presence of the brake
pads on one section of the rotors causing uneven cooling?  Seems the best
thing for the brakes is to keep moving after very hard braking or spirited
driving to allow the brakes to evenly cool.  Of course this is hard to do;
but even moving at .01mph would seem to help...
Or, do I have this all wrong??
chris miller, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q without warped brakes, so far.