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One fast turbo

Tonight Eric F. gave me a ride in the newly modified(more so) 87 5k.  I
am impressed!  The first thing that I noticed, as we talked outside the
car, is that the hood was not searing hot.  Most turbo cars that I have
had or driven in usually make the hood so hot that you could fry an egg
on them, but this time the hood was cool.  I guess the Jet Hot coatings
actually do work.  Actually the radiator side of the hood was quite hot,
but the turbo/manifold side was not.  I think those owners with serious
mods to their cars would be foolish to skip the jet hot coating.  

Upon taking a quick drive in the car, the coolant never rose much above
100 degrees C, which is shocking considering the AC was on!  Anyway,
upon going for a ride, the car was much smoother than the previously
mods had been and the power above 3500rpm was fantastic.  Too bad all of
the planned mods are not in place yet and it was running rich!  On the
drive we were seeing 68 inches of boost, so like I said very powerful. 
The biggest surprise was that the lag was not as bad as I would have
guessed considering the size of the turbo.

Which I must say that the underhood appearance of the new larger turbo
and Jet Hot coated 2-piece manifold and downpipe is very nice. 
Understated but......still racey.


Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri