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Re: The 2000$ '87 Quattro

Nick....welcome to the list!  
Now with the questions:
1)Synth oil:  If your car doesn't knock or tap when running don't change
oils.  If it taps try synth oil...it might help.  For the most part synth oil
can develop tapping in your engine for reasons which are important to tell
you later if you have that problem.
Synth oil can also clean out deposits in your engine which prevent leaks
since its a lot thinner.
2)Shock absorbers:  If you are on a budget KYB shock and struts are ideal,
however that do ride a little firm ( I like that..)  Boge turbo gas shocks
and struts I hear are the cat meow..if ya got more to spend. (Hint make sure
check control arm bushings and wheel bearings before suspension work is done
because my advice is if one going it pretty darn likely its gonna all go one
after the other.  My 87' 4kq's suspension died like this...bushings then
shocks and struts then bearings....
3)Mail Order:  Boy I'd like to find somewhere that sells something other than
the usual stuff you buy anywhere.  But hey! there is TAP (Total Audi
Performance) in Florida that has all the goodies to suipe up your 4kq.  BUT
it is very very very very expensive which means if you don't have money like
me (poor college student) you'll have to settle for good quality replacement
parts.  I had to replace my exhaust on my 4kq...I checked out TAP's imported
Scorpion exhaust and gave birth to five twinkies!  I installed OEM, but I was
really broke after the suspension over haul.  Shop around there are some many
to choose from that are great....that not so great exhaust you might run
across in my opinion would be any Bosal or Ansa exhausts or parts there of.
Preventitive Main??
hee hee hee hee hee!
A lot of listers claim that there are Audi gods whom determine you fate as a
Audi owner.  It is very fair to say that the newest models are exceptional in
relibility, however, the eighties were kinda rough for Audi.
-Change Oil and all filters on a regular basis and your Audi will out live
ANY car.  
-When something isn't working...FIX IT REAL SOON...or don't drive it.  
-If you treat your car with respect it will only break down once in
But SERIOUSILY!  Audi quattros are the most forgiving car to drive...they
will take you through any kind of nasty wheather  with ease.

My 4kq has been idle for almost a month being repaired...I've been driving my
1996 Black Acura Integra GSR V-TEC and miss my car!!!!!!!!!!!
 Well that's enough babble for one night.....Good Luck and o yeah INVEST in a
Sean Houghton