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RE: new stereo for A4?

If they can make an adaptor plate to fit a DIN sized head into the new 
Taurus/Sable dash pod, there should be one for the A4.  Talk to your local 
reputable stereo dealer about it.  The GALA feature, or equivelant, is a 
fairly uncommon feature on aftermarket units, but it does exist.  The radio 
station call letters poppin up is called RDS (Radio Dada Service).  Denon is 
probably the biggest supporter of RDS.  The vast majority of Denon products I 
sell use the feature, at least on their home units.  We don't cary their car 
line, so I'm not sure.  It will probably be impossible to get both on the same 
unit, however.

Good luck,

Adam Dieckerhoff
Bellevue, WA