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RE: He's baaaack...

....I had an interesting (as in the old chinese curse, "May you live in
interesting times.") demonstration of that when, under blue skies, I
tucked behind a woman in an older Buick running slightly over 100 mph
on the final leg to Raleigh.  After about 10 minutes, the skies
darkened and I could see what looked like a wall of mist ahead. Sure
enough, it was a wall of mist, and when I hit it, the windshild was
suddenly turned completely opaque from water on the inside!  At 100
mph, complete loss of visibility is one of those "interesting"
experiences for which one seldom develops any real appetite....

Well Unka Bart,
 Of all things I can relate to this moment of spiritual awakening. Few
times in one's life does when truly know what is it like to have every
human sense come screaming to consciousness. One fine morning my
charming daughter and myself were casually blasting through our home
town on Hwy17 when suddenly an Audi of all cars lost it's motor. I stand
as witness to the feelings Unka Bart was having those brief moments when
he suddenly realized he could not see a damn thing while experiencing
extreme velocity.
 Imagine my surprise to be completely blind for 300 yards at 100 mph
because an Audi went terminal. Surly we thought the car gods were just
plain pissed! I certainly had no idea a car could release that much
smoke in two seconds from a 2.5 inch diameter hole!
 Unka Bart, I'm glad you made it through to the other side.