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Oxs reset switch

Hello Brian,

If its a 4000 series the reset switch is in the instrument cluster.  To
access it remove the 4 screws in the bezel and pull the bezel slightly
forward.  Then lift the dash molded cover up about 1/2 in. then pull
forward and remove. Insert a small screwdriver into the square hole in
the top back of the instrument cluster.  There are 2 levers inside
holding a spring loaded wheel driven by the odometer.  In about 30k
miles this wheel winds up and closes the contacts which lites the OXS
light.  Press the levers and the wheel will unwind thus opening the

BTW, disabling warning indicators (i.e. removing the light) is a dumb
idea and shows a real lack of knowledge of how things should work.


Tony Lum
Fremont, California U.S.A

Audi Owner/Operator/Mechanic ;-)

1987 5000S Turbo Quattro
1985 4000CS Quattro
1980 5000S Sedan