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Help w/ A4 Purchase?

Help?  I am looking at a 97 A4T (non quattro) with AT, roof, and sports
package ($26655. msrp).  To my way of thinking, if it was a quattro, it
would be ideal.  A woman ordered the car and then changed her mind.  Dealer
appears to be somewhat motivated at cost plus 1K ($24576.)

On the face, this is so much car for the dollar that I am tempted even
though it is not equipped with quattro.  For those owners (or soon to be),
what was your thought process?

1. Pros & cons?

2. Do you even consider an Audi w/out quattro given the resale value will
more than cover the $1600?

3. Performance comparisons between A4 quattro and non quattro?

4. What about the AT in the 97 A4?  Do you wait for tiptronic and pay more,
or take advantage of this relative value?

5. Any stong feelings about the 4 cyl. vs. 6 cyl.?

6. What about 97 (last of them on the lot) vs. 98 (already arriving)?

I know this is a lot to ask, but any feedback would be appreciated... I am
at an impasse.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Steve 87 5kq (a rock)