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AC - some things to check

Although I'm commenting specifically on type 44 chassis, this applies to all... 
If cooling seems lower (less...), check the fresh air vent seal - when the
recirc door opens, if the fresh air seal is shot, you'll suck hot outside
air in, reducing your cooling effect (most AC systems only subcool about
15-20 degrees from ambient - which is why recirc is used - it continually
cools the recirced air to get that 'really cold' amount. To check, lift the
passenger side of the 'Audi' flexi plastic plate that covers the AC/heater
assembly and watch the seal as the AC is switched from 'Econ' to 'Auto' with
a LO dialed in. Cars that have the venerable vacuum motor bracket repair are
particularly susceptible to this problem and actually need additional
sealing added as they no longer shut completely due to the added clearance
of the new bracket.

Also, when operating in recirc, get down in the passenger footwell with a
flashlight (torch, Phil...) and look up inside the recirc vent. The type 44
has a healthy suction that can actually suck up papers off the floor,
blocking the evaporator. Look really close, as the lint/dirt buildup on the
inside fins over several years can be extensive. Dog hair from Huskies is
quite prevalent for those retired perfessers in West Virginia.
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