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New seat

Hi Audiphiles-
My new seat was installed today, as well as a new four point 2" harness.
WOW! What H&R springs and Bilstein Sport shocks were to my car sticking
to the road, the OMP Rec (for RECline {able}) and OMP harnesses are to
my backside staying put!
I have that "race car" feeling, no longer having to brace myself in
peculiar positions due to lack of prominant side bolsters and of
friction between my bumb and the seat. The combo of "sticky" cloth and
generous thigh and shoulder bolstering keeps me firmly in place, yet
lets me move around (slightly) unlike a full race seat.
I love this seat!

* Ramana Lagemann		  mailto:elmool@tiac.net*
* Cohasset, MA					1990 Coupe Q	*